Top Tips to plan your Parents’ Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary

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Your parents have celebrated your every achievement. Be it your first steps, your sweet sixteen birthday or your graduation all of it were celebratory moments in their life. Now it’s your turn, on the occasion of their Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary (25 years) you can celebrate their togetherness by organizing something special for them.

At Howard Johnson by Wyndham Bengaluru Hebbal, here is how we believe you can go about it in the best way, making it a memorable one.

Plan an Anniversary Party 

Take out your notepad, journal your to do list and start planning a party for them. For starters decide upon broader areas – the guest list, the cuisine, the venue and the theme. Once that’s done, you can design and send out personalized invites to the guests. After that’s taken care of, you can think up ways of personalizing your event. 

While making the decisions ask yourself, ‘what would they prefer?’ That will ensure your party is all the more memorable. You could also check and see if your parents wish to renew their vows. If yes, key in that as well. Present them with a thoughtful gift

Compile a Life Video

If your parents were photo crazy like most people today, compile a video. With the aid of a video editing software you can also throw in a bunch of words to state something about the pictures. Go the chronological way and make it a time capsule of sorts which depicts their story from the beginning. It’s sure to leave them teary eyed.

Say it with Pictures

It’s been a journey of 25 years for them, and it’s natural for them to look back and feel nostalgic. Thereby it’s only befitting to gift them something which comprises of photos. You can seek the assistance of an artist and get a portrait of yours and your sibling sketched out.  Furthermore, you can express how you feel by penning down a poem or just a few thoughtful words for them during the Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary event. It would be something that they will fondly treasure.

Gift them Time 

Parents lives revolve around their kids, and their duties are round the clock. It’s very rare for them to step back and simply relax. Hence, on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary gift them some free time. Book tickets and send them a destination that’s been long pending on their bucket list. And if that’s extremely high priced you could always send them on a weekend getaway or a staycation.

Have the experts help organise it at a fantastic price

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