Bangalore Event Listings for this Weekend- 04th to 05th January 2020

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The first weekend of the new decade! Everyone is trying to stick to the plan and achieve New Year resolutions. What have you decided to accomplish this year? Is it a fitter body? Is it better work life balance? Or is working towards a new hobby or goal? Look through Howard Johnson Bangalore’s chosen pick of event listings, perhaps one of them could take you one step closer to your goal.

Glass Bottle Cutting & Lamp Making

Has routine gotten boring? Was one of your new resolutions been to learn something new? This could be an event to engage in. Spend the first Sunday of the year learning to cut, score and smoothen glass. It is scheduled from 03:00-05:00 pm this event is hosted in Bloom and Grow Bangalore. You can book your tickets here.

KLOH-Learn to Shoot

Watching films, has shooting always fascinated you? How about giving it a shot this weekend? At Ziel Rifle society on the 5th of January at 04:00 pm, learn to hold the gun and fire away. Amateurs have no reason to worry. The session covers the basics of this Olympic sport. The seats are fast filling, book your tickets here.

Painting Workshop by Deegez Creatives

Tap into your creative side and hone your painting skills this weekend. Deegez Creatives is hosting a painting workshop on the 5th of January at GreenBubbles Startup Services from 04:00-06:00 pm. Understand the nuances of knife painting. Who knows? You might just furnish a piece of art with neon paints and redecorate your room. Book your tickets here.

Calligraphy Course by the Circular Square

Have those beauteous Calligraphic imprints always been a source of fascination for you? Well, why not sign up for this 20 hour course and learn the art of calligraphing. You will learn the art of scripting a variety of fonts and understand the workings of the brush strokes. Conducted in The Circular Square the course is from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm on the 5th of January, 2020. You can book your tickets here.

A quiet Dinner at Nest

After all the partying during Christmas and New Years a quiet dinner is perhaps just the thing needed. You can dine at Nest in Howard Johnson Bangalore and discuss with your family members your plans for the year ahead.

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