Covid-19 |Safety Guidelines for Guests at Howard Johnson Bengaluru

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Covid-19 Safety Guidelines for Guests at Howard Johnson Bengalur

In the wake of this pandemic, we are adhering to a set of guidelines and protocols put forth by the Government, To be better prepared against Covid-19, here’s what the ‘new normal’ is at Howard Johnson by Wyndham Bengaluru Hebbal.

1.   Hygiene Stations

At the entry and exit points, you will find safety kits and hand sanitizer dispensers. In case, you require a mask or a set of gloves it is available in the hotel.

2.   Sanitized Rooms

We follow stringent cleaning practices to disinfect the room and maintain its hygiene. The high-touch areas like remotes, toilet seats, door handle, and luggage racks are sanitized using a 70% alcohol-based sanitizer. Every room is assigned one person to clean and place all the necessities. The cleaning is done when the room is free of its inhabitants. The house-keeping person takes the necessary measures and wears a mask and elbow-high gloves. The frequency of cleaning the room depends on your request. The bed linen is changed every two days. Within the room, the minibar is emptied of its contents.

3.   Safe- Public Areas

The public areas are the hot-spots of the hotels and extra precautions are implemented here. Parameters are etched to ensure that there is a one-meter distance between two people. As a Covid-19 safety measure in the hotel, there are signage boards spelling out the precautionary measures. Furthermore, the front desk executives do a mask change, and glove change twice a day.

Not more than two people can board an elevator at one time. The elevator buttons are cleaned every 30 minutes, and a sanitizer dispenser is available inside. We sanitize the baggage before bringing it inside the property.

4. Contactless Payments

Check-in, check-out, and payments are digitized. The check-in formalities for pre-booked guests are done before they arrive. QR code is available for contactless payment. For credit card payments the card is sanitized, swiped, sanitized, and returned. Post which the credit card machine is sanitized. For offline credit card payments, the last name and room number will be pre-confirmed with you. The payment receipt is shared on Whatsapp or via email.

   5. Hygienic F and B Handling

Hotel guests can make use of in-room dining services all through the day. At  Nest, you will be escorted to the table bearing in mind the social distancing factor. The food is brought to the table in a tray jack. To ensure your safety, we would urge you to sanitize their hands before the meal. Furthermore, the cutlery placed on the table is sanitized. The table is cleared of its contents only after you leave.

6. Social Distancing

A one- meter distance is maintained between guests and staff members at all times. At the time of check-in and check-out only one guest a time will be attended to at a time.

7. Sensitized Team

Along with the Covid-19 safety measures in the hotel, our team is tuned in to all your needs to ensure that you have a pleasant stay with us.

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